Helpful Programs

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Helpful Programs

Through our experiences of working with your families, we discovered a strong need for health information and access to helpful programs. Understanding the importance of these issues, we are delighted to share these resources. You may send them to and if you permit, we will consider posting it for others to benefit. Our best wishes to you as you explore!

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company – Is a new direct to consumer mail prescription service. They work in Generics only. They have approximately 800 drugs that are purchased directly from the drug manufacturer and sold with a 15% upcharge. In addition, there is a $3 labor charge and $5 shipping. They don’t accept insurance. An example of their cost savings is a Leukemia medication, Imatinib, that retails for $2,500 but is available through Cost Plus Drugs Mail Order Service for $14.40.

Apply for Medicare Parts A and B Only

Patient Advocate Foundation

A non-profit organization that offers a free Case Management Services program to resolve billing issues, appeals process, coordinating benefits, identify options for the Uninsured, a Co-Pay Relief Program and education, education, education.

National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program

Access to breast and cervical cancer screenings and diagnostic services to low-income and uninsured women.

BI Cares Patient Assistance Program

The BI Cares Patient Assistance Program is a charitable program provided by the Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation (BI Cares). Medications include Jardiance, Spiriva, and more

Rheumatoid Arthritis

RX Assistance for Enbrel for the insured and uninsured and those with Medicare.

Senior Health

National Institute on Aging offers a wealth of information for seniors on healthy aging, memory health, bones, heart, lungs and much more.

Clinical Trials

The NIH National Institute of Health has 27 different institutes and centers with their own focused research and clinical trials.

Discount Med Direct

A Discount RX service that works with licensed U.S., Canadian and International pharmacies to provide the best prices on medications. With your prescription, they provide Mail Order services in addition to Ellenton and Sarasota walk-in facilities. They are knowledgeable on the medications that hold a U.S. patent but can still obtain it in a generic from another source. Be sure to mention where you heard about them. Begin by shopping your medication prices at:

Or call them direct: 941-355-7887 or 877-695-7888

Access Florida

A state and federal partnership that administers medical benefits through Medicaid and CHIP.

Aids Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

Prescription Cost-sharing Assistance for Persons with HIV/AIDS. The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) helps ensure that ADAP-eligible individuals living with HIV/AIDS have access to life-saving HIV medications. Individuals must meet certain criteria, including proof of State residence and HIV status, low income as defined by the State, and uninsured/under-insured status. Medicare Part D prescription drugs that are also covered by ADAP qualify for prescription cost-sharing assistance through the ADAP in your State. 850-245-4422.

Prescription Hope

Prescription Hope utilizes U.S based pharmaceutical manufacturer patient assistance programs to access your medication. This program would be useful if your insurance company or RX (Part D Prescription Drug Plan) Plan classifies your drug as non-formulary. For example, a $356 medication could be reduced to $50 and this company does all the work to get the medication.

Asbestos Exposure Information

Mesothelioma is a deadly form of cancer caused from asbestos exposure. Due to the long latency period of mesothelioma, approximately 20-50 years, about 80% of those who are diagnosed with this terrible disease are seniors. The Mesothelioma Center organization works 1-on-1 with these individuals to help them find local doctors, treatment centers and support groups.

Novo Nordisk Patient Assistance Program

No cost insulin for diabetics for those who qualify. Household that qualify earn less than 400% federal poverty level ($68,960 for 2 person household in 2020).

Lilly Cares Patient Assistance Program

Lilly prescribed medications for diabetes and cancer patients. Eligibility includes those without insurance and Medicare Part D recipients.

Sanofi Patient Connection Assistance Program

Insulin for diabetics assistance program.

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