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Get to know Dayna Schafer

Raised in Chicago, I relocated to Florida only to leave a decade of Human Resources experience behind to build a company that would bring a much needed service to our community.

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Over the last 18 years, Bayside Medicare has payed close attention to every new phase and regulation of the industry and we are incredibly proud to have succeeded through the years of economic downturn and healthcare reform. We’ve been there, for all of it. I started out the business with employer benefit packages for local businesses in the tri-county area —my daughter mixing up my MapQuest printouts for the day on our way to school and sorting colorful packets for fun after school. Since then, we have packed up our old experience and stepped into the new ones.

We really know the post-reform complexity for you and have turned our focus to those aging into Medicare, Dual Medicare and Medicaid and our Veterans. I feel that complexity in the needs of every individual I work with lately and the gravity with which we all need quality, reliable guidance.

I especially want to reach out to my local veterans. In my recent experiences, I have recognized the need for better quality service for veterans navigating their disability and military benefits, and aging into Medicare/Medicaid. If you are or know a veteran, I want to know you! You have a special place in our business family.

And we still keep some things feeling the same. We still love printout packets (just the useful ones) and I still love the personalized service I started out with. In fact, I like it even more now than I did because I can enjoy the community we’ve built throughout the years—local pharmacies, senior living communities, physicians’ reputations, fellow insurance agents, sitting yoga teachers, everyone. We are always finding new ways to bring these services together for you, ours included, over the phone and at face-to-face events.

I still maintain a small company, and feel that matters. We have the time and resources to serve our clients in a way that provides an invaluable experience to them amongst all the ways to enroll. We don’t take on more than we can service and I still personally manage every single one of our clients’ insurance needs. When Bayside Medicare picks up your call, I’ll be on the other side. We send you birthday cards and Christmas cards and we return your call by the end of the day— just like your neighbor. We treat it like that because we take this business personally. All of it!

You can continue to expect industry expertise and integrity to be our guide while we relentlessly seek out your comfort and security in meeting your healthcare needs. My company, and myself especially, look forward to building a long-term relationship with you. Welcome to the family.

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