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Building strong relationships with Medicare Beneficiaries.

Dayna Schafer of Bayside Health Benefits

Dayna Schafer, CMIP®, Raised in Chicago, I relocated to Florida only to leave a decade of Human Resources experience behind to build a company that would bring a much needed service to our community.

I began with employer benefits in the greater St. Petersburg area. My focus has been on the growth and challenges the health insurance industry has endured. That journey took me from employer benefits to the Affordable Care Act’s implementation and now focuses mainly on Medicare.

My company and I, now a Certified Medicare Insurance Planner™, look forward to building a long-term relationship with you.

“I want each person that I work with to feel confident that I heard what their medical and financial needs are as it relates to their health insurance, and that I responded with the right medical plan for those needs. Building a relationship as their healthcare needs change is important to me and the service I provide.”

– Welcome to my family

About Bayside Medicare

We are local, independent insurance agents serving the greater area of St. Petersburg, Fl. Medicare beneficiaries. We work to find the right fit for you, representing carefully selected-financially strong insurance companies.

Bayside Medicare was founded in 2001, working with employers to secure group health insurance. We have paid close attention to every new phase and regulation of the healthcare industry fully implementing the Affordable Care Act and Medicare. We are incredibly proud to have succeeded through the years of economic downturn and healthcare reform. We have turned our business towards employers and seniors aging into Medicare, the Dual Eligibles, Supplements, and Medicare Advantage Plans.

Bayside Medicare and its clients know the importance of developing resources within the greater – St. Petersburg community—physicians, local pharmacies, senior living communities, fellow insurance agents, everyone. We are always finding new ways to bring these services together for you, ours included, over the phone, online, and at face-to-face events.

We have the time and resources to serve our clients in a way that provides an invaluable experience to them. You can continue to expect industry expertise and integrity to be our guide while we relentlessly seek out your comfort and security in meeting your Medicare needs. Our company looks forward to building a long-term relationship with you.

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