Educate your employees on Medicare.


Are you an Employer with group health coverage?

Are your 65+ year-old employees still on your group plan?

Are those employees in need of information on Medicare rules, penalties or whether to stay on your Employer-plan?

We are a trusted source among Employers and their employees. Our goal is to educate your employees on the basics of Medicare eligibility. Bayside Medicare will partner with you to conduct an “information session” in small groups (a lunch-and-learn style meeting) for those comparing their options between Medicare and group healthcare.

This simple introduction to a trusted resource of the company’s will take the burden off of your managing personnel and provide employees with critical information. We compliantly explain the 3 major options to Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans and Supplements. We’ll cover important enrollment timelines and penalties.

Take the opportunity to contact us today and understand the vital role you play in helping your working-seniors as they near retirement.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are the most likely to provide extra support to their employees. Securing health insurance is one of their top concerns. Employers can often reduce their group health insurance premiums when they shift eligbile employees from the group policy to medicare. Bayside Medicare will partner with you, the employer, to make senior coverage easy to understand and enroll for your senior employees.

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